Germany could mediate the name issue

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Germany as one of the most important countries in the European Union, at a time when the EU is “stationary”, could mediate the dispute between Macedonia and Greece, says Juergen Klimke, a member of the CDU – CSU in the Bundestag, for Deutsche Welle in Macedonian language.

According to him, Macedonia has three major challenges: EU and NATO integration, inter-ethnic co-existence of Macedonians and Albanians and improving the social situation of unemployment.

– These things are important both for Macedonia and the EU, but because of the dispute a step forward can not be made. For us Germans it is important to have Greece and Macedonia in the EU. As one of the most important countries in the EU, Germany could offer strong tangible suggestions through which a solution acceptable to all could be found, emphasizes Klimke.

He considers that the Foreign Affairs Committee will certainly deal with this issue when it is established in the Bundestag.

– I would initiate and actualize this issue, because I believe it is our responsibility. We will seek the new government to engage in mediation and finding a solution. Not only words and conferences without solution, but results, notes Klimke, adding that it is important that all countries of the former Yugoslavia should be part of the Union.

MP from the parliamentary group of the Christian Democrats in the new composition of the Bundestag, Peter Weiss, six weeks before the meeting of the European Council said it was difficult to speak of a perspective for the start of accession negotiations for Macedonia’s EU membership.

– We have so long plagued about the accession process, we suffered defeats, and I really find it difficult to talk about some perspective. But I think the suggestion of the Commissioner Füle can indeed contribute to Macedonia to move forward, because is intolerable for the Macedonian people that the the name dispute prevents them of actual start of accession negotiations, commented Weiss.

He says that no one in Europe has sympathy for Greece over the name dispute.

– Greece is relatively secluded, but uses the position to vote and block Macedonia’s accession process. The German Bundestag years ago brought a very clear conclusion on Macedonia name dispute and put on the side of Macedonia.

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