Disciplinary Measures for Violent Protests Organized Through Facebook

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 The direction for personal data protection in regards of the protest organized through Facebook, is asking the public to use the network for its original purpose, and not as a tool for organizing protests that call for violence and public peace violation, or as a tool for religious, national or racial intolerance and hatred.

For that cause, the Direction for public data protection will start administering lawsuits for the wrongdoers , says today’s announcement.

-The direction is an institution for protection of public data and citizen privacy, but also for protection against internet violence through the social service networks and activities for tracing the addresses and other data that are connected to the owners or creators of such profiles and groups are under way. That is a process that needs a positive response when an appropriate application is filed from the organs of the state, says the announcement.

Tracing and sanctioning of the creators and administrators of this kind of groups and profiles will result in criminal lawsuits, because the privacy is violated through those profiles and personal data are abused by using someone else’s profiles and groups on Facebook.


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