The Government provided funds for severance payment and social package for the employees of OHIS

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All requirements of the syndicate of the employees in “OHIS” for payment of the benefits are accepted by the Government at the yesterday parliamentary session. The employees in “OHIS” will receive severance payment in the amount of about 1,400 euro and social package.

– Within 7 to 10 days, the Government will transfer 65 million MKD on account of holding company “OHIS” and the company will immediately transfer them to the employees. They will also receive compensation from the agency for employment in dependence on their age and experience, emphasized the Government spokesman, Aleksandar Gjorgjiev.

The President of the trade union, Pece Ristevski indicated that with this agreement the employees in “OHIS” have benefit on three grounds, among which is the solution for the problem of health insurance.

The director of “OHIS” Leko Ristovski, stressed that leadership in the future will continue to work on finding out the permanent solution, and at the next Economic Council the Government will discuss about company fate.

All 770 employees will receive severance payment and social packages from the Agency for Employment.

The new investor in the future will have obligation to cover 24 salaries for the employees and to pat total debts of the Company in the amount of approximately 20 million euro.

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