MPC ban Facebook

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The decision to ban the use of the popular social network Facebook among the clergy, monks and bishops is officially adopted by the Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric.

The written Decision has been given to dignitaries, and it has a deadline for deactivation from the social network. Church sources say that the restriction should apply especially for those who were expressing personal views on Facebook and commented on the political situation in the country the past months, announced the newspaper “Nova Makedonija”.

However, the remarks of the clergy and monks that the final decision is not supported by concrete reason to ban the use of social network. They wonder what would be the fine if they do not fully implement the decision of the Synod and continue to post photos and comment on Fejsbuk. The Bishop Petar proposed this decision, which created misunderstanding and turmoil among the elderly, who do not use the Internet communication with the pilgrims, and the younger bishops who daily, especially through the mobile phones are present at the social networks.

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